Here at Leeds Hydro Store we care about providing all you need to succeed with one of the most sustainable and rewarding methods of growing! Hydroponics brings you the ability to bring your grow projects indoors into an ideally-controlled environment which leads to maximum yields and big blooms, with minimal mess. Our range of hydroponics equipment will provide you with the right support from start to finish, so go ahead and browse our great products.

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Canna Nutrients

Not only do we provide the technical equipment to get your grow going, but also stock extensive nutrients so you can keep your plants as healthy as possible. This allows you to maximise results when using hydroponics.  With Canna Nutrients for example, you can ensure that your plants have that additional support for faster growth and bigger bloom. We care about offering all quality nutrients to you at affordable prices, so you can get growing!

Grow Tent Kits

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned expert in hydroponics, we are happy to help you. We are proud to be a renowned provider of grow tent kits: the ultimate units for indoor hydroponics use. Our kits allow you to maintain a closely-controlled environment in a conveniently-sized unit, so you can expect big yields and boosted blooms very quickly. We hope that you enjoy the site and make a selection to suit your growing needs.